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About Us


Pi Image offers Preproduction to post production solutions that minimize time, maximize image fidelity, and increase filmmakers’ creative control over their projects.

What We Offer

Pi Image, creates high-quality Corporate Videos for ambitious business endeavors of all shapes and sizes. Every corporate video we produce form corporate meetings, conventions, awards shows, product launches, trade shows, publicity events, no matter the scale or genre, is designed to be an engaging motion picture which conveys its message in compelling and relatable ways.

Pi image in-house team manages the entire production process, which gives us the ability to ensure a consistently high-caliber of work across all phases of the project’s execution.

We manage every aspect of a commercial’s physical production, from creative development, casting, and scriptwriting, to shooting, editing, VFX, graphics, voice over, music, finishing, and broadcast delivery.  We’ll collaborate with you to make your vision a reality, and design your message to connect with the audience on a visceral level.

We treat each project as an opportunity to help a company or product stand apart from the competition, by creating a message that is both persuasive and entertaining. Don’t waste another moment deciding how to promote your brand.

From documentary features and reality television to DVD features and online docs, Pi Image will bring your story to the screen. Pi Image offers everyone from filmmakers to event coordinators the unique opportunity to document and promote their specialized work through today’s most popular documentary medium: the behind-the-scenes making-of video.

Our creative team is ready to help you create a product that will not only promote your work, but also function as an entertaining, informative documentary for years to come.

From how you shot your music video to the work that goes into your live events, our team will document your world, and deliver everything from an initial concept to actual production and post, working closely with you to choose, create, and deliver elements that best tell your exciting story.

Who We Are

Our Vision

We believe in an inspired world, we create what matters to you, delivering on every frame an inspired Visual Experience.

Core Values

Safety: – In the bid to break new boundaries and frontier we put the well being of both our internal and external customers at heart in every decision we make

Integrity: – We own up to our responsibility nor do we throw blame. we turn to the truth even when we are afraid. We produce results and not excuses.

Relationship: – Embracing the community spirit, we respect our difference, with clear focus on theme work and being result oriented rather than competing. it is one of our goal to inspire others by our daily actions, forming honest bonds.

Resilience: – Good is never good enough hence we set out to be better as each day passes reaching for higher grounds, telling stories in new but interesting ways. Every set back is a temporary obstacle we respond to strategically.
And last of all values stated is

HOPE: – That your contact with us improve you, your craft and your life

Meet Our Team


Director and Cinematographer

Daniel is a detailed oriented Director and Cinematographer. He is dedicated to delivering the vision of his projects on a platform of excellence. He runs as a partner on a Film Mentor-ship education program DSLR AFRICA, as he believes investing in the next generation is his true definition of success. Daniel dream of creating a community with right minds and skills that will mentor others to bring about a desired national economic change.

Ebanehita Oyeleye

Human Resources Manager/Business Risk analysts

Ebanehita Oyeleye has a background in education and electronics technology. She has for the past 5 years involved processes re-engineering, people and organization culture change, change management, business analysis and communication through various communication channels and has worked on various projects with implementations across 27 European countries. She is married to a wonderful husband.

Lanre Ogunnimo

Director of Acquisition and Processes

Lanre Ogunimo Has a background in the entertainment industry. He has 4 years’ experience in Content scout, Acquisition and improvement of business processes. He is Married to a wonderful woman Koyinsola with 2 sons.

Tamara Ajayi

Business Development Executive

Tamara expand the Business world of Pi image with the skills and functioning business models she builds,that address client needs,raise awareness in the industry, With Degrees 3 years of experience and constant research in her field of expertise and a sophisticated Custom Data gathering algorithm, effective and efficient business model are built to ensure happy customers and a thriving organization.